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If you’re a business owner who knows a bit about marketing, enough to get by, and want to know what else you should be doing, these are the guides for you. They’re short, to the point and, although they won’t replace 25 years of experience, they may provide the questions you need to be asking.

Looking for inspiration to help with social media? Check out our Christmas Jumper Guide to Social Media!

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, we launched a series of short videos encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs. View the complete series here.

The White Board Masterclass series is published on a regular basis. The back catalogue of videos is available on YouTube.

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Free downloads:

Top tips for marketing an online event

Recommendations for marketing in 2021

Pro Tips for LinkedIn

To access the Buyer Persona template and sample pages mentioned in Masterclass 4, please click here.

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Short video guides to help you with your marketing

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